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Originating over 2,000 years ago, KOMBUCHA is probiotic, fermented tea.

It is a living culture of bacteria and yeast that nourishes the body with compounds that may:

  • Support the Immune System 
  • Streamline the Digestive Tract
  • Detoxify 
  • Energize 
  • Elevate Mood

Kombulicious is live, unpasteurized, handmade using triple filtered water free of chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals.

We make our kombucha with triple filtered water, free of chlorine, fluoride or heavy metals.

We use 5 different loose teas, cane sugar, fruits, spices and herbs.

Our keg flavors also utilize seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and some we grow ourselves.

Available in bottles or on tap all over South Florida

  • Vegan & Raw
  • GMO & Gluten Free
  • Contains less than 0.5% alcohol