Where to Purchase



Available through our friends at these locations! Zoom in on the map below to find a location near you and click for address.

✦ Ride Element  kombuliciousgrowlericon  kombuchaglass

✦ Papa Kwans  kombuliciousgrowlericon bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Marando Farms kombuliciousgrowlericon bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Green Café  kombuliciousgrowlericon bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Riverside Market kombuliciousgrowlericonbottle-512 kombuchaglass 

✦ Subculture Coffee Delray kombuliciousgrowlericon bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Subculture Coffee Jupiter kombuliciousgrowlericon bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Food In Motion kombuliciousgrowlericon kombuchaglass

✦Mystic Joint kombuliciousgrowlericon kombuchaglass

✦Nakava kombuliciousgrowlericon kombuchaglass

✦ The Garden Gate kombuliciousgrowlericon

✦ Charm City   kombuchaglass

✦ Rebel House   kombuchaglass

✦ Switchbox coffeebottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦Burlock Coast (Ritz-Carlton- Ft. Lauderdale)bottle-512 kombuchaglass

✦ Sarava Cafe  bottle-512

✦ Fit Food Express Delray  bottle-512

✦ Jamie’s Juice Bar and Kitchenbottle-512

✦ Ritz Carlton Key Biscaynebottle-512

✦ Fresh Firstbottle-512

✦ Blind Monkbottle-512

✦ Blondiesbottle-512

✦ Natures Cornerbottle-512

✦ Top Hat Deli   kombuchaglass

✦ Lunch Room   kombuchaglass

✦ Mercato (MC Kitchen)bottle-512

✦Fresh Fusionbottle-512

✦ Robin’s Tea House (Eucalyptus Gardens)bottle-512

✦ Green Generation Lifestylebottle-512

✦ Ellabottle-512

✦ MIAM Cafebottle-512

✦ MyaPapayabottle-512

✦ Copper 29bottle-512